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Sam Bostick

(512) 501-9322

Hello I’m Sam

I am a Handyman with 30+ years of construction experience, I have many references, and my prices are reasonable. I have made many friends from the customers of my trades and social associations. I put my best in every job as if it were for my mom's house, the results show I am qualified and care. I have worked as a handyman in Willis/Conroe area and Buda/Kyle/Lockhart area. The services I provide are many and I'm always adding more

New Home Handyman

With some left over old shutters from a previous job, a couple of post from a canope bed, and spare shelving & crown molding, made a bookshelf and organizer entry table. Ready to hang pictures, post-its and calender on the shutters, phone charger and bowl for change, and my bible collection on top the crown molding

This little cooler is my table that holds my drinks while enjoying the son in my face and watching the birds.

Headboard to bench

Take an old headboard and create a bench.

Sleigh style Headboard

Ounce a sleigh style headboard now a bench with storage in the seats.

Padded headboard and a old coffee table, unique conversation bench.

Headboard to pet bed

Every member of the family needs a bed. This bed frame resized to a pet bed.

Got an extra bed frame?

Got an idea?

I can make it a reality. Give me a call.