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Sam Bostick

(512) 501-9322

Hello I’m Sam

I am a Handyman with 30+ years of construction experience, I have many references, and my prices are reasonable. I have made many friends from the customers of my trades and social associations. I put my best in every job as if it were for my mom's house, the results show I am qualified and care. I have worked as a handyman in Willis/Conroe area and Buda/Kyle/Lockhart area. The services I provide are many and I'm always adding more

New Home Handyman

With some left over old shutters from a previous job, a couple of post from a canope bed, and spare shelving & crown molding, made a bookshelf and organizer entry table. Ready to hang pictures, post-its and calender on the shutters, phone charger and bowl for change, and my bible collection on top the crown molding

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